four28 is the sole proprietorship I opened in 2005. I partner with creative and technology professionals to help clients market and communicate effectively.

Since 1998, I have worked as a communications consultant and design professional focusing on nonprofits and startups. I have helped to build brands through meaningful connections while empowering hard-working organizations to control their message and mission through the creative and efficient use of technology.

As an entrepreneur, I love working to connect those doing great and valuable work in the community with a broader audience. That's why I helped start both Cool People Care and Batch

In addition to visual design, my professional interests include information and product design, team leadership, data-driven operations and project management. My personal interests include running, music, the outdoors and anything my two children and wife are into. Browse my social links and see how this all plays out in the real world. 

photo by barry anderson's house of luxury

photo by barry anderson's house of luxury

Stephen Moseley

Don't change the world.
Change worlds.